Project sketches

Evil Knevil truck


On this page I am going to post artwork I've done for proposals.

I started this job June 19th. It is a clothing store on Melrose in Hollywood. More people will see this than anything I have ever done before. It is a fully dimensional sculpted
Checker Cab crashing through the wall. I will post work in progress pictures.

Photoshopped photo of a scale sculpture. Original - 6" tall. Proposed - 6' tall. To be made using a technique called direct modeling with cement
This is the side wall of Chatsworth Cleaners. 2nd proposal.
Also Chatsworth Cleaners. Notice this is the same image as the one I proposed below. The people at Hollywood Bowl Storage never got back to me. I did this just to show what was possible, knowing they would like to have something with a "Chatsworth" theme.
Proposals for Hollywood Bowl Storage
This is for Van Nuys Lumber on Topanga Canyon in Chatsworth. The hand will be sculpted out of cement, the hammer out of steel and sheetmetal. There will be a changing LED message sign in the handle of the hammer. The hand is over six feet tall, the hammer about 16 feet long.