Danny's Tiki God


This will be a fun page. This first one is a sculpture I have done in my front yard. I am facinated with the Easter Island Statues and other monolithic sculptures around the world. The technique I'm using is called "direct modeling with cement". I have done this before but on a much smaller scale. I did sketches for this about a year ago and since then have purchased several different palm trees. Well, the poor palms need to be planted so on January 6th I started.
This is the wood form positioned where it will stay. It must be sculpted in place because when finished it will weigh four or five hundred pounds. This took a couple hours on the 6th of January
This is wire mesh with wood block spacers to hold the cement.
I spent a couple hours on this January 7th.
This is the cement mixture partially applied. (No...Brian isn't the model)
This is how far I got when I ran out of cement. ( January 8th )
I'm applying strips of burlap with the cement slurry. it takes several layers.
January 9th, 10:00 am
Getting close to being finished on January 11th. The last step is a color coat with some details.