Danny's Tiki God


This is a few of the sculptures I have done. They are made of various materials...foam, wood, metal, plastic, whatever the application requires.

Garrett's pretty buff to pick up a 100 gallon can of paint.
Continental Art Supplies
My three sons are holding up the 17' long bat. These are props for a party company.
I scanned this photograph of fish I carved out of wood. They were displays in a restaurant. They asked for cutout silhouettes and were pleasantly surprised when they received these. (Note: the photo had marks and scratches on it.)
You can see the entire graphic on the first page. Click on "The Anchor" at the top.
This tree is made of expanding foam. I did this in two furniture stores, 16 in one and 29 in another. (I also painted murals and built facades)
This 5' tall center of the Mexican flag is carved, gold leafed foam.
The gold leaf "CIGARS" plays with the light in the photo. It makes the photo come out dark.