Casa De Flores

childrens rooms

African playroom

Hawaii in Burbank

Skatelab party room

powerhouse kid care


Jeff's Painting

Gina's home

Inside Dukes in Ventura
Murals - Trompe l'oeil - Faux finish
Chantico Inn & Suites in Ojai

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Imagination coupled with inspiration make for unlimited possibilities

A touch of Tuscany
My Client was a deep sea diver for many years.
This bedroom wall is 10' wide by 15' tall.
The window below is framed with moulding and the limb looks like part of the big tree.
You can see the faux the I painted on the rest of the walls.

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Perfect for a 16 year old with a foot tall mohawk

This is a mural on a bathroom wall. I thought it would be nice to show the sketch I provided my client. We had discussed their interests and picked a theme. This was my first and only sketch. They loved it and the room came out beautiful. 

I also faux finished the rest of the bathroom.

These 8' x 8' trompe l'oeil windows are in a French restaurant named Turndesole.
( I don't think I spelled that right) That is french for "sunflower".
They are in the main dining room

This mural is on the back wall of a mental health agency. The owner created a beautiful park like environment for the staff and their clients. He played a very soft ocean sound. The entire mural is 120' wide. There is jungle at both ends. The underwater area shown is 9' x 18'. The beach scene is 7' high. Very serene

the fish relect in the pool at night
I had a wonderful time working for Jan. I helped her pick out the colors for every room in the house. This is what you saw as you walked in the front door. She didn't want any "killer" animals so I painted monkeys, parrots and tree frogs. I also faux finished her kitchen cabinets to look like distressed wood and painted the grandchildren's bathroom a whimsical jungle with an elephant crashing through the door.