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The FARM at Pierce

This is one of the first things you see when you enter Skatelab
Inside Skatelab's party room
skatelab's new party room. They built a throne out of skateboards under this. That's my sons Garrett and Brian and Nani Koki when she was a baby.
Thanks Todd, Scott and everybody at Skatelab
for the opportunity to do some really cool stuff.

This is by the bowl. notice the skater flying over the lip. This kid was seven years old and was ripping up. Another bit of trivia...while I painted the center logo, Todd pointed a camera at me and broadcast to the world on the internet. Everyone at the Independent Truck Company watched me paint this. Wish I had known. Don't know if I scratched in any inappropriate places.
The picture of the skateboard deck on my truck really shows the scale of this thing.

Thas me crawling around in the bowl
Starts with a design...and some 1/2" plastic. I cut the rough shape out with a bandsaw and sculpted the image with a hand held grinder. I flame polished the plactic, (after plenty of sanding)  and mounted it in a box. Poured silicone rubber in the box to make a mold. I made a jig to hold a t-nut in place as I poured the resin into the mold. It cures enough to pull it out of the mold in about 15 minutes. After trimming the edges and sanding off the exposed part of the t-nut I primed and painted them. These are going to be attached to skateboards and presented as a trophys. Thanks Todd for the opportunity. - check this place out!