dimensional faux

color samples



Kevin & Mare's home

Alex's entrance


I want to thank Howard and Maggie for giving me this opportunity.
Painting faux marble is a one of my favorite passions.
It is truely trying to express God's work.

This fireplace involved the faux marble, the faux stone recess and the faux iron hearth. If you look closely you can see the "rust" on the edges of the hearth.
Composite fireplace before I started
This is the first color wash. I had done some repairs and primed the fireplace prior to this photo. the base coat was the color in the recess.
I have painted the gray veins and added mottled green. The recess is finished with a stone faux similar to the staircase I was painting at the same time. The hearth has it's first coat of iron paint.
Closeups of the finished fireplace.