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"Faux finishing" is used to discribe an infinite number
of wall treatments.

There are many factors to help you decide colors and effect.
 You want to pay attention to your furnishings regarding color,
texture and pattern. Sometimes soft and subtle on all the walls
and ceiling works. I really like a dramatic color on one wall. It can really set a room off. Physical texture can make a room very exciting.

I can help you with colors and will provide you with samples.

Faux will dramatically change the feeling in a room and usually
doesn't cost a lot more than just having the wall painted a solid color.

Kevin & Mare's downstairs restroom
My client Had a photo of old distressed cabinets thes was the inspiration for this faux.
This is the Gold Leaf treatment I applied on the floor and ceiling of the Nicole Miller store on Sunset Blvd.
This is a very exciting finish. It has a physical texture with five color glazes.

These pictures are thumbnails to show a little more detail. Left click to enlarge.

Thank you for your visit. Please call or e-mail me with any comments. Keep dreaming, Danny